Message to all Belgacom Skynet users

Belgacom Skynet has recently disabled the ability to log on to their website using your skynet login and password. It is now only possible to log on with a e-services account. A new version of ISP Monitor is available. More...


Moved to a new server

If you are reading this, you have reached us at our new server. Some glitches might be around, so if you find something on the site that doesn't appear to be working, please report it to us. More...


Translations Wanted

We have put together a small engine to help us translate our website in more languages. If you speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, ... and would like to help, please contact us. More...


ISP Monitor Server Crash

We suffered a fatal crash on our server a few days ago. This has resulted in some data loss I would like to inform you about. Please read ahead for more information. More...


Telenet / ISP Monitor Problems

Due to an outage at Telenet this weekend, you might not be able to renew your statistics thru ISP Monitor. The Telenet server is in this case blocking your connection attempts as a security measure. Please be patient as this usually resolves itself after a few days. Restarting your Telenet modem and your computer might resolve the issue faster. It is not needed to reinstall ISP Monitor! More...


Premium services now free

With great joy we can announce today that all Premium services hosted on our site will be made available to all existing and new "My ISP Monitor" users. During the next following days you will be able to use the signature bars and sync your Traffic Monitor log to our server. More...


ISP Monitor Expands - Help Needed

For the last few years I have been maintaining both the ISP Monitor software and this website. Today, i'm asking for your help. More...


Call to creative developers

We have noticed that lots of people have been developing all kinds of programs, plugins, widgets, ... that display data from one or more providers. We would like to help. More...


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Provider Top 10

Subscription Speed Rating
Telenet FiberNet 100 / XL 70387 Kbps 44444
Telenet FiberNet 60 45943 Kbps 44444
Voo A La Folie 30175 Kbps 55555
Telenet FiberNet 26976 Kbps 44444
EDPnet Newer & Faster 26533 Kbps
Telenet ComfortNet XL 21266 Kbps 44444
Belgacom Internet Favorite 18468 Kbps 33333
Dommel Cityconnect 18228 Kbps
Belgacom Internet Intense / Generation 16153 Kbps 33333
Scarlet One 13770 Kbps

Latest Ratings

Telenet review by Dicky 1 26-03-2014 - Zeer goed zelf de wachtijden zijn kort bij de helpdesk
Telenet review by LJ-Stevo 1 20-09-2013 - Good
Dommel review by syd.uten 1 11-05-2013 - If it works, now worries.if else, you're in for a long and tough trip
ADSL Unlimited review by pkd45 1 01-11-2012
44444 - good
Telenet review by Xeon 1 12-06-2012
44444 - Not bad but can do better.

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